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“When the well is dry, they know the worth of water.
– Benjamin Franklin
water store versus water delivery
About Us

Why a water store versus water delivery?

Purchasing your water at our Water & Ice Store allows you to ensure your bottles are clean and sanitized, our filtration process is a 12-step program, with UV lights, that produces the best tasting and sediment free water, and the cost is much lower than water delivery.

Water Delivery – cost more, typically $7-$8 per bottle, inconsistencies of delivery times/days, bottles are often left in the sun, and how do you know the bottles are clean.

When you visit our store you can use our Ozonated Bottle Rinser, this cleans the inside and outside of the bottle (ozonated water kills bacteria, viruses, spores and algae). We provide microfiber towels to dry off the bottles so your bottle is ready for display on your water cooler. We assist our customers in the filling process to ensure you are in and out as quick as possible. You can fill six 5 gallon jugs at one time and use one of our carts to transport the filled bottles to your car. Our carts will hold as many as 12 – 5 gallon jugs at one time.

What We Offer

Our store, with new equipment, friendly customer service, high quality products and extended business hours (7 days a week from M-Sat 10am – 7pm and Sun 10am – 5pm), will provide the best tasting Reverse Osmosis, RODI, Alkaline Water, and Purified Ice.

Reverse Osmosis water

purified ice

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream



RA Low Sodium Seasonings


Shaved Ice

Alkaline 10pH water

Stevia - Sweet Drops


Thrifty Ice

Ozone Bottle Rinsing Station

Lotus Plant Based Energy Drinks

Water bottles of all sizes

After hours Water Vending Machine

Our Water

Filtration Process

Water is life! Between 50-65% of the average human body is water, so it makes sense to make sure that we’re not only drinking enough water, but the water we’re drinking is the best for our bodies. We recommend Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline water to our clients to ensure that they’re getting the very best water intake. Phoenix is renowned for having a number of “not-so-good ingredients” like Chromium 6, lead, arsenic, chlorine and (naturally-occurring) disinfectant byproducts.

Alkaline Water provides the minerals and high pH (9.5) needed to help with regulating your body’s pH level and prevent chronic diseases. Alkaline water will restore your body’s pH balance by reducing acidity levels.

our process filtration

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Gallery


16oz $2.55 / 24oz $2.75 / 32oz $3.50



W/ Unsweetened Almond Milk or Unsweetened Coconut Milk Monin
Syrup Options: Toffee Nut, Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Spice Zero Calorie Hazelnut or Vanilla
Caffeine 16oz 74mg, 24oz 148mg, 32oz 222mg


Sweet or Unsweetened Tea

Premium Brewed Black Tea, Organic Matcha Green Tea Monin
Syrup Options: Mango, Peach, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Hibiscus Stevia Sweetner Available Caffeine
16oz 80mg, 24oz 160mg, 32oz 240mg


Old Fashion Lemonade

W/ Unsweetened Almond Milk or Unsweetened Coconut Milk Monin SyMonin Syrup
Options: Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Dragon Fruit, Desert Pear, White Peach


1 Liter Bottle of Alkaline Water $1.50



Made with Carbonated Water & Pure Cane Sugar

16oz - $3.50 / 24oz - $4.50 / 32oz - $5.50


120mg - 200 mg - 240mg

Apple Wonder - Pink Lotus w/ Monin Apple & Pear

Cosmo - Pink Lotus w/ Monin Dragon Fruit

Fiji Mojo – Pink Lotus w/ Monin Lychee & Elderflower

Lavendar Enigma - Pink Lotus & Blue Lotus w/ Monin Lavendar, Blueberry and Lotus Cream

Maui Wowie - Pink Lotus w/ Monin Mango, Guava and Coconut Milk

Sweet Smooch - Pink Lotus w/ Monin Coconut, Peach, Guava Puree topped with Coconut Milk

Lemon Berry Coconut – Pink Lotus w/ Monin Strawberry, Coconut topped w/ Lemonade

Blue Lagoon - Blue Lotus w/ Monin Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry topped with Coconut Milk

Blue Crusher - Blue Lotus w/ Monin Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Coconut

Cosmic - Blue Lotus w/ Monin Desert Pear & Hawaiian Island

Desert Dragon – Blue Lotus w/ Monin Dragon Fruit & Desert Pear

Monsoon - Blue Lotus w/ Monin Hawaiian Island, Cantaloupe topped with OJ

Perry Winkle Bliss – Blue Lotus w/ Monin Desert Pear, White Peach topped with Coconut Milk

Tropic Thunder – Red Lotus w/ Monin Mango, Coconut and Pineapple

Berry Banana Cream - Red Lotus w/ Monin Strawberry, Banana topped with Lotus Cream

Desert Blossom – Red Lotus w/ Monin Desert Pear, Cantaloupe and Guava

Hello Sunshine – Red Lotus w/ Monin Mango, Passion Fruit, Guava topped with OJ

Jamaican – Red Lotus w/ Monin Peach & Coconut

Jolly Rancher - Red Lotus & Blue Lotus w/ Monin Granny Smith Apple and Kiwi

Melon Berry Blast - Red Lotus w/ Monin Strawberry, Cantaloupe, White Peach